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Auction Chairs

Lisa French

April Voegeli

Past Chairs

Melinda Belger

Nick Shera

Grace Sobotka

Bake Sales

Amy Haug


Nikki Schultz, Chair

Paul Price & Kristin Bayer

Jim & Joanne Gugg

Nick & Chris Pritzl

Michele Kasik

Jeanne Rude

Clean Up/Take Down

Jarrod Lehnerz, Chair

Mike McWhinney


Emily Graper, Co-Chair

Alesia Gugg, Co-Chair

Lori Rodenkirk

Melissa Schmidt

Caitlyn Smith

Alison Tanking

Gift Acquirement & Raffles

Betty Camlin, Co-Chair

Grace Sobotka, Co-Chair

Nick Shera

Golf Outing

Ben Kraemer, Co-Chair

Will Waech, Co-Chair

Grade Projects

Alesia Gugg, Co-Chair

Melinda Belger, Co-Chair


Sarah Falkowski


Liz Pryor, Co-Chair

Carrie Galecke, Co-Chair


Jaime Dietzler, Chair


Cassie Erato, Co-Chair

Joanne Gugg, Co-Chair

Silent Auction Area - Set Up

Molly Godbout, Chair

Carrie Galecke

Silent Auction - Distribution

Mary Roeber, Co-Chair

Mike Roeber, Co-Chair

Jeff & Beth Habersetzer

Katie Popp

Steve Rolf

Teacher Liaison

Emily Graper

Teen Volunteers

Katherine Vogel, Co-Chair

Kathy Henrich, Co-Chair

Thank You's

Dawn Poull, Chair

Sara Kritz

Holly Dumproff

Laura Keller

Maggie Olson


Kristin Bayer, Chair


Kristin Bayer, Co-Chair

Sarah Falkowski, Co-Chair

Mike McWhinney

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