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Past Auctions

2018 - "Together Under the Tuscan Sun"

Chairs: Melinda Belger, Nick Shera and Grace Sobotka

2017 - "Passport to Paradise"

Chairs: Jaime Dietzler, Grace Sobotka and Jenny Thill

2016 - "Springtime in Paris"

Chair: Maria Tejeda

2015 - "Meet Me on Broadway"

Chairs: Anne Grundahl, Krista Sanders and Jenny Thill

2014 - "Run for the Roses"

Chairs: Jaime Dietzler, Krista Sanders and Kim Nielsen

2013 – "Kick it Up a Notch"

Chairs: Stacy Hafeman, Kim Beaudoin and Anne Marie Danaher

2012 – "Under the Big Top"

Chairs: Stacy Hafeman, Christine Lichtensteiger and Kim Beaudoin

2011 – "SFC on Safari"

Chairs: Nikki Schultz and Stephanie Nordquist

2010 – "Celebrate: Faith, Family, Future"

Chairs: Sara Struebing and Amy Royes

2009 – "An Evening in SFCVille – Oh the Places You'll Go"

Chairs: Sara Struebing and Robin Konstanz

2008 – "The Quest for our Greatest Treasures"

Chairs: Pam Beine, Andrea Dassow and Kris Johnson

2007 – "SFC, There’s No Place Like Home"

Chairs: Julie Ann Blazei and Julie Trunley

2006 – "Up, Up and Away…Across the USA"

Chairs: Kathy Engelbrecht and Dee Koebel

2005 – "Celebrating 10 Years of Magic – Making Dreams Come True"

Chairs: Andrea Dassow, Rose Petitte and Yvonne Schultz

2004 – "Lights Camera Auction - Setting the Stage for Success"

Chairs: Kay Chevalier and Cathy Majkowski

2003 – "Rockin' for Kids...Gifts from the Soul"

Chairs: Sue Callen and Theresa Fuerbringer

2002 – "A Fiesta - Celebrating God, Family & Friends

Chairs: Pam Borisch, Peggy Bray and Deb Schumacher

2001 – "An Arabian Night - A Magical Evening of Wishes Come True"

Chairs: Sandy Leitheiser and Jeanine Lochen

2000 – "Regali Benedetti di Amore (Blessed Gifts of Love)"

Chairs: Jacci Gambucci and Kris O’Meara

1999 – "Gifts of the Heart"

Chairs: Sherri Hauser and Katie Geiger

1998 – "Caribbean Island"

Chairs: Sue Millin and Lois Pellegrini

1997 – "Mardi Gras"

Chairs: Sue Roemer and Karen Spella

1996 – "Mardi Gras"

Chairs: Sue Roemer and Karen Spella

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